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Liv Torc on Zoom Monday 7 June 2021:
“Haiflu Ever After”

A collective act of poetry, photograph, music and film, involving more than 8,000 crowd-sourced haiku, and over 500 “citizen artists”, Project Haiflu is inspired and led by performance poet Liv Torc.

It is a newly minted hybrid art form, uniquely adapted to the nation’s creative needs during and post pandemic. It’s been featured on BBC R4’s Today Programme, in The Times and continues to inspire hundreds of people to write poems.

Liv’s “Haiflu Ever After” is a touring show of the Haiflu project and, also, her lockdown story… to take to festivals and other venues across the UK in the summer. We are delighted she performed for us as part of South Molton’s Deep Roots Festival. At every show more Haiflu will be created to add to the archive.

An event full of creation, interaction, fun – and some moving story-telling!

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Patrick Monahan on Zoom Friday evening 11 June 2021: “Started From The Bottom, Now l’m Here”

Patrick Monahan

Multi award winning comedian and favourite Patrick Monahan tours with a highly successful, brand new stand-up show, as seen The One Show (BBC), Fake Reaction (ITV) & Celebrity Squares (ITV) : smart and funny observations on a new -found, middle class lifestyle with ski holidays, through the prism of poor, immigrant, living-in-a-caravan roots.

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Ann Cleeves on Zoom Saturday morning 12th June 2021: The Number One Sunday Times bestselling author of The Long Call.

Anne Cleeves

One of the UK’s leading crime writers, Ann Cleeves is the author of over thirty critically acclaimed novels and is an international bestseller, translated into many languages.

Her most recent novel is The Darkest Evening, the 9th in her Vera Stanhope series; she is the creator of the equally popular detective Jimmy Perez. Both can be found on television in ITV’s Vera and BBC One’s Shetland.

The Long Call, also being televised for ITV, is the first in Ann’s new series, Two Rivers (The Taw & The Torridge), and has Braunton Burrows as its backdrop. The Guardian says Ann is “The best living evoker of landscape” so you will recognise other settings in North Devon too!

Ann worked as a probation officer, librarian, bird observatory cook and auxiliary coastguard before she started writing. She remains a passionate champion for libraries and this event was organised thanks to the generosity of South Molton Library.

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Ashley Solomon on Zoom on Saturday 12th June 2021: Three Musical Friends Play

Professor Ashley Solomon of the Royal College of Music played together with local musicians Joanna Preston and Tom Bayliss. The two woodwind instrumentalists and one pianist played from a South Molton venue creating the professionalism and excitement expected of a classical concert – but one with a twist!

Full programme notes can be downloaded here.

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 Maya Bodiley on Zoom Sunday 13th June 2021: Speaking in Tongues, a dance film.

Maya Bodily

Maya studied Dance at the University of Chichester, spending her second year in Portugal. Since becoming freelance, Maya has been performing, teaching and collaborating with artists in Europe and the UK. Maya is passionate about dance for everyone and wants to bring people together through the joy of moving and connecting.

Choreographed and filmed by Maya in Spain, in collaboration with two other dancers, her film is colourful and light-hearted, accessible for all ages – and intriguing for younger people. They loved the didgeridoo music, played by Maya’s uncle, Stephen Kent.

A fun, interactive movement class followed the film. It explored the themes of communication in the film, drawing on the physical language we all have within us.

At the end there was some time to wind down together and ask Maya questions.

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Small Town Jones on Zoom
Sunday 13th June 2021:
A Livestream Gig

Because of internet connectivity issues there was no alternative but to postpone this event. Of course this is exceedingly disappointing, but we will reschedule.

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