Deep Roots Festival July Events

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Myc Rugglesford

Saturday 10th July
Myc Riggulsford: ‘The Charter of the Forest and our lost Commons Rights’

A science & environment journalist, specialising in climate change, renewable energy, biodiversity, soils, crops, ancient woodland, land rights and loss of our commons, Myc gave an interesting, illustrated talk on issues facing us today. Read more

Pip Howard

Saturday 10th July
Pip Howard: ‘Work and Passions’
Pip works towards true sustainable land management, ‘traditional land management’, solving many current problems – including climate change. Pip works at Quince, striving towards a landscape where the needs of bees and all pollinators are maximised. His real passion is trees – the farm now hosts the largest bee specific arboretum in the world! Read more

Richard Westcott

Saturday 10th July
Richard Westcott: ‘Old Favourites’

Richard Westcott read poems remembered from childhood. Reciting poetry by heart was a common practice, its legacy a generation of older people for whom the memory of such poetry has never gone away – it remains, awaiting awakening. Read more

Giocoso Photo

Sunday 11th July
The Giocoso Wind Quartet

Giocoso, the musical term for joyfully, is the sentiment of the quartet and the music it plays. Ranging from well-loved, light-hearted numbers to unexpected ones, their repertoire is always enjoyable. Giocoso’s pocket version of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture is a novelty, with a popular element contributed by the audience! Read more.

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