“Old Favourites”

Saturday 10th July South Molton Library

Poetry presented by Dr Richard Westcott

A Deep Roots Festival/South Molton Library collaboration

Richard Westcott reading poetry

The audience were super keen and friendly; all arrived early – clearly excited to be at an Event! The Garden Room, in the Amory Centre, easily accommodated the 14 people who turned out. It worked perfectly as an intimate, but well-ventilated, Covid-safe venue.

Without exception the evaluation forms were ticked on the very happy face: one respondent said it was perfect, another enjoyed it enormously, one said it should have been longer! Quite a few said they would like to be informed of future events put on by ADSM.

Thank you, Richard, for sharing such joy with us, and all attendees for joining us: Old Favourites was a very positive experience and left us with happier hearts and smiles on our faces.

Jane Petch