South Molton Panorama 2019

Capturing South Molton in Your Words and Images:
A community poetry film project

As part of the Deep Roots Festival 2021, film-maker Gordon McKerrow was asked by Arts Destination South Molton (ADSM) to make a film about living in South Molton and the surrounding area.

Gordon McKerrow

For all generations.

The film will be of images you have taken or made – photos, video clips, paintings, sketches – and your voices reading lines you have written. These will be edited together, making a vibrant celebration of our community: to capture this time, as we come out of lockdown.

What does living in South Molton mean to you?

• Been here for generations, or newly arrived?
• Things you enjoy?
• How about the market, shops, music?
• Your feelings walking around the town?
• What about its history?
• Your favourite part, town or countryside?
• Most important things in your neighbourhood?
• What holds special memories?
• Describe living here!
• Your vision for the town in the future?

To include any of these things:
• Photos capturing something special about living here.
• Drawings or paintings or photos.
• Lines about your experience of the town.

South Molton in Bloom by Karolina Andreasova

For friends and family to take part!

The more people involved, the more interesting the outcome.

Everyone whose words were submitted has been invited to record their lines.

Now your words and image have been given in . . .
as many of your images and words will be included as possible. From your ideas, Gordon will create a collective text to accompany the film he is making, with local music, additional sounds and images.

On Saturday afternoon 25 September the film will be shown in The Assembly Rooms, South Molton and be made available for permanent viewing on social media.

[Copyright of the words and images will remain with the individual contributors and everyone who takes part will be named and acknowledged in the film].

ADSM is very grateful to Home Instead North Devon and Exmoor for sponsoring this legacy project for our town.

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