Celebrating Together: The Royal Lime Tree Planters

A Community Dance for South Molton for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, led by Katy Lee of Courage Copse Creatives

Made possible by a ‘Let’s Create’ grant from Arts Council England and Devon Community Foundation

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Just before the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in June, North Devon artist and choreographer, Katy Lee, will be busy creating a dance with townspeople from across the community to honour the recent tree plantings on the compass entry points to South Molton. Lady Arran led the town’s lime tree plantings, which were part of the Queen’s Green Canopy to mark her reign of 70 years: a living, growing legacy for generations to come to enjoy.

The dance will be fun! Katy will welcome all enthusiastic movers of any age – anyone who is up for a laugh! There will be practices on the mornings of Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd June. Dancers will be summoned by “royal command” to attend one session, or the other!

Echoing South Molton’s Compass Tree Plantings, at noon on Friday 3rd June, the dancers will converge on The Square from the North, the South, the West and The East. All the “royal” shakers and movers will be dressed in a regal fashion – tiaras optional! That “The Royal Lime Tree Planters” are “outdoor workers” will be evident from their accessories!

The Town Band will be taking part in the music for the dance, as will the brand-new Community Charter Song. We plan that this celebration will have echoes of fairs long ago: the centre of the town thronged with people in joyful mood, enjoying the celebration and spectacle!

Anyone can join in and take part of this once-in-a-lifetime Jubilee event. Previous dance experience is definitely not required! Designed to generate feelings of wellbeing and joy, the dance will create happy memories; as well as leaving a fun legacy for our town for future generations to experience too! If you feel you’d like to take part, please drop an email.

Soon we will be posting more information about the dance practices and the simple dress code needed for the comical performance.

For now, we are grateful to the YMCA for agreeing to lend us their yard for our practices. It is enclosed, flat, with friendly, disabled access and, close by, on-street parking. We hope that children and their parents, adolescents, young adults and older people will assemble to take part. It would be fun to involve parents with toddlers in their pushchairs, wheelchair users, even a careful motor scooter driver!

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