Past Events

Lockdown Montage

Lockdown Events: During the challenging lockdowns of 2020 Arts Destination South Molton held several online Zoom events. Ranging from poetry and literature, through story telling, comedy and a print making demonstration, to folk and classical music, they were a very welcome diversion in difficult times. Read more about the events here.

Deep Roots Festival Logo with Text

Deep Roots Festival: Arts Destination South Molton’s first exciting Deep Roots Festival took place over three weekends in the summer of 2021. A mixture of online and socially distanced ‘face-to-face’ events encompassed everything from contemporary poetry and dance, to classical music, a portrait painting demonstration and talks on the importance of the environment. Key elements of the festival included the mySouthMolton and Ode to the Ash Poetry Project activities which involved the wider community.
Read more about the events and projects here.

Capturing South Molton

mySouthMolton: As part of the Deep Roots Festival 2021, film-maker Gordon McKerrow was commissioned by Arts Destination South Molton (ADSM) to make a film about living in South Molton and the surrounding area. This film, which celebrates South Molton and how it is today, was created with contributions coming from all generations of our community. These included photos, drawings, paintings, words, poetry, interviews, recordings and music. Read more about the project and see the film here.

Ode to the Ash Tree Image

Ode to the Ash Tree Poetry Project: An interactive poetry map created for South Molton Community 2021 by Katy Lee of Courage Copse Creatives. Katy invited a wide section of the community to be involved in this project by asking them to write poems about Ash Trees. Fifty-six submitted poems highlighted Ash Trees, the memories they stirred, their myths and folklore, practical uses, their place in the landscape and the significant impact Ash Die-back is starting to have on our countryside. See the films of some of the poetry and read more about the project here