Patrick Monahan

Friday 11th June 2021 via Zoom

Patrick Monahan Comedian

Patrick Monahan’s Zoom show for Deep Roots Festival on the 11th June was fabulous!

Here are some of the audience comments:

  • What I loved was the audience interaction – so sensitively done; no mickey was taken! And on Zoom too! Such a feat of communication.
  • The audience gave as good as they got – all in just the same spirit: it was so easy to take the right cue from Patrick’s warm teasing.
  • Not funny in a side-splitting-roar-out-loud “HA HA HA” way, but intelligently, cleverly and subtly humorous.
  • Did he really improvise for us for a whole hour? It felt like it. And so special to be entertained so intimately.
  • It was great that the show was so personal to South Molton. I really enjoyed the idea of South Molton being an island. Was it off Morocco? Did it move to the Channel Islands? Not sure, but know it was wet, grey, misty, foggy – the weather detail was spot on.
  • I really liked his dog. Pedro, I think, such an aspirational name for such a little dog – but how very cute!
  • My cat featured quietly – Snowy in name and nature; she was very well behaved and very attentive from her grandstand seat on my armchair. But … the black and white cat stretched and slept the whole way through: it was the gentle butt of Patrick’s jokes. And how I giggled!
  • The way Patrick talked to the young people – and referred to their parents as “old people” – was really touching and tenderly funny. Am not sure how accurate Patrick’s recall of “the olden days” was though!
  • And how inspirational it was to have an audience of young and old – and those in-between – as well as a couple of dedicated “Patrick Fans”.
  • They added a touch of the personal to the rich mix of an evening full of surreal and tender humour.

With thanks to Andrew Coates (Town Clerk) and Rachel Venn (ADSM supporter) and others.