January 2021

Well… that’s it! Goodbye 2020.
And as we used to say at school, “Good riddance to bad rubbish”! But it hasn’t been all bad for ADSM.

Even the darkest month of the year brought us its silver lining. Not only in glorious cloud formations with their shimmering edges, or the abundance of very jolly, sparkling Christmas decorations around The Square and private houses all over town.

At ADSM, we rejoiced and marvelled not only the at glories of the winter skies and the lights of the festive season, but in an artistic treat which brought joy to our hearts and smiles to our lips – local printmaker Judith Westcott’s presentation of her work.

For three quarters of an hour, one evening at the beginning of December, Judith amazed, entertained and fascinated us with tales of her inspiration, demonstrations of the stages she goes through to make her work, and explaining collaborations with other artists (known collectively as Pine Feroda) to create enormous, stunning prints – in which you can almost hear the roar of the winter seas and feel the wind and rain!

Judith’s Zoom event raised the bar for further ADSM Zoom productions – and the New Year programme bodes well with promises of kaleidoscopes of poetry and moonlit sonatas!

Join us if you can… and in the meantime, have a New Year filled with beauty of all sorts: music, friendship, family, nature, paintings and poetry … whatever brings you delight.