Judith Westcott: Print Maker

Judith Westcott: Printmaker – an Arts Destination South Molton Zoom event 

On Monday evening 7th December 2020, over a hundred people joined us for this presentation in which local artist, Judith Westcott, told us about her printmaking and showed us how she does it – as well as explaining her work with Pine Feroda, a printmaking collaborative – alongside stunning illustrations of the work produced.

Judith showed us her varied equipment and how she uses it all, including actually making marks on a lino block with her ever-sharpened tools. On a block she had created before, she even produced a one-colour print before our very eyes: rolling the ink on the block, placing it on a registration device (a specialised frame), positioning the quality paper on top, running it through her printing press, then carefully peeling off the paper to reveal her Jack Russell terrier, cooling himself amid leafy plants on a hot summer’s day! She explained – and illustrated with work at different stages – the processes of reduction printing and multi blocks, which are ways of achieving multi-coloured prints.

The complications and joys of creating huge prints as part of Pine Feroda, were presented in a short film, with Judith adding further details afterwards: for example, how they use techniques such as jig-sawing the block, wire brushing and blending of colour to facilitate different techniques and cooperative working.

This presentation proved to be a highlight of ADSM’s series so far; live arts events, brought into your very own home. Not only was the audience impressive, but so was the enjoyment it generated.  These warm and appreciative comments from participants will give you the flavour of the event much better than we could!

  • A great event and how well organized
  • A very professional evening 
  • Such a brilliant medium for sharing art
  • What a lovely lift to my day
  • Just to say how much we enjoyed your very educational tour around printmaking
  • It was so interesting to hear you explain your techniques
  • An engaging and interesting presentation
  • So very impressive
  • Beautiful work!    
  • Very informative
  • At least half of Devon will now be self-sufficient in Christmas card production
  • Absolutely inspirational, fascinatingly & honestly presented
  • We were completely engrossed for the whole hour
  • The highlight of my week … what a wonderful evening it has been!!

And finally:

  • With a “hobby” like this who cares about lockdown or no lockdown
  • I planned to do some housework … but ended up glued to the screen!
  • Thank you so much Judith

In the meantime, if you would like to know more about South Molton’s very own printmaker, Judith Westcott, find her here:  www.judithwestcott.co.uk