About Us

arts@our heart: sharing art and culture with our local community


Arts Destination South Molton’s (ADSM) vision is to place creativity at the heart of our communities’ culture and to mobilise its power to deliver vital social, cultural and economic value to local people and visitors to the area.


ADSM became a registered charity in March 2020 (No. 1188431). We aim to celebrate South Molton, our North Devon market town with its roots firmly planted in farming and the countryside; create a new vision which puts the arts at the heart of its modern-day ambitions; enrich our rural community; provide year-round access to high quality arts, cultural events and participation opportunities, for the benefit of the entire community and for visitors – and ultimately, for South Molton to become an important regional arts destination.

Deep Roots Festival is the flagship event of ADSM.


ADSM Matthew Bushell

Matthew Bushell – Trustee, Chairperson
Matthew is North Devon born and bred, yet he went away to school in Bristol. He is a practical creative using his metalworking skills to make all manner of objects – and support the development of others’ creativity. Moreover, he is currently studying online for a degree in Psychology.

As a Town and District Councillor Matthew has an overview of the area and its needs. The inspiration behind Arts Destination South Molton comes from his interactions with local people, and his was the driving force to set it up. He brings enthusiasm for the arts and a fervent desire to share his imagination, appreciation and pleasure with others.

ADSM Revd Dr Michael Grandey

Rev Dr Michael Grandey, Trustee
Michael joined ADSM as a trustee on 28th February 2021.

ADSM Stella Levy

Stella Levy – Trustee, Press Officer, Social Media
Following modelling during ’60s/’70s, Stella taught at Lucie Clayton; afterwards producing London fashion shows and designing needlepoint with a prestigious following. Moving to North Devon, Stella designed/organised community kneeler projects for local churches, and South Molton’s Charter Celebration Tapestry.

Passionate about The Arts, she has organised projects in North Devon over many years, e.g. South Molton’s ‘Sheep in the Shops’ project. As founder of North Devon Arts, she has held many positions of responsibility; she organises Art Trek Open Studios and was co-owner of White Moose gallery, Barnstaple.

Bringing this broad experience to ADSM has become just one more passion – to see the town involved in and pursuing an interest in Art in the fullest of terms.

ADSM Marc Cornelius

Marc Cornelius – Treasurer
Marc, a fluent German speaker, was an “army child”,  and lived around Britain  – and the world – before settling in London to work in international  telecommunications; travel abroad continued! He married in South Molton and now lives there; he is  a town councillor and a school governor.

He is skilled in IT, spent much of his working life as a data analyst in strategy and business planning, is interested in how organisations work, is an excellent researcher, and in his spare time, is an avid reader. He shares his various knowledge and skills generously with ADSM  – and leads on developing technology for cutting-edge live streaming of arts events.  

ADSM Alison Verney

Alison Verney – Secretary
Alison was born and brought up in South Molton, and despite studying and working away for many years, has come ‘back home’ to settle. She mainly taught secondary children in urban, multi-cultural settings, as well as leading teams of teachers.

She is an enthusiastic supporter of The Arts, having sung in a variety of choirs and, amongst many other things, taken part in/put on various productions! She brings a passion for inclusion and equality of opportunity to the work of ADSM and its festival planning, as well as organisational skills and a knowledge of the area based on experience.


The following is a list of our constitution and policies: